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  1. ألف شكر على المعلومة، بارك الله فيك .
  2. it's true I installed the program after formatting the PC , but I installed P5.0 in the beginning then Later I installed the P6.0 , of course the SQL server was automatically upgraded to SQL 2005 while the installation, and the problem that I have so many projects, It will take a lot of time to back it up,, In general, would it make a problem if I didn’t maintain this problem and the message appears each time I run the program, or should I fix it? Thank You Again
  3. Dear Sir, Forgive me for writing in English, I have a problem with my PC for Arabic writing, The problem is that every time I start Primavera P6.0, this message appears “The database has not been configured to run background jobs. To correct this problem please contact your system administrator or see the primavera administrator guide” – Snap Shot from the message attached, there is no problem happening even this message appears every time I run the program, but I’m afraid a problem will happen and wipe up the data. Thanks for your concern.
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