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  1. thanks that did the job for that part, but now every time i open frostwire, it says i must choose a unique nickname. I click ok but before i get a chance to make the name, the message pops up again. how can i fix this?
  2. Hi, Im looking for a book about shiatsu, do you have any advice ? Best
  3. Dear Laziali, Welcome to Lazioland's primavera-section. When I'm writing this message I hear Curva Nord singing "Lazio grande Lazio" in my speakars. It makes me dream. We all have dreams. One of mine has always been a fantastic Lazio made of Laziali, promoted from the youth section. That's why I gladly choose to focus on this section - along with the history section - as my main responsability in our new forum. I know very well from own experiences that it's hard to find information on our primevera if you don't understand Italian. Therefore, in this section I will do my best to keep you updated on the main news and latest games. We will work close to lalaziosiamonoi.it, one of the leading Italian sites when it comes to primavera-news. In addition, I hope that Lazioland in the future will be able to establish own contacts. I will gladly accept all the help and suggestions I can get. Our team member Gio has kindly offered to help me updating this section on a regular basis, but we're in constant need of new information and impressions. Have you seen a game for yourself? Do you have any photos? Do you understand Italian and want to help? Please, let us know Regards, Weninho
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